Iron Moot 2016 Aug 19

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Iron Moot 2016 Aug 19

Post by Jocke Rapp » 01 Dec 2015, 10:39

Welcome to Iron Moot 2016! (

When: Aug 19 – Aug 21, 2016.
Where: Apple Hotel, Gothenburg, Sweden. ... _BIIlwEwDQ
Cost: 550 kr (roughly €60)
What do you get: Entry to the most awesome Warmachine&Hordes convention in the Nordics for three days. Lunch is included each day. If you stay at the hotel, breakfast and dinner buffet is also included.
Registration: Opens Feb 1, 2016. Closes July 3, 2016.
Hotel: The hotel is situated right outside the city centre with easy access by tram or car. We have several rooms reserved for participants of the convention. There is a pool and if history repeats itself there will be several "mishaps" in it during the late nights.
Call the hotel directly and use a voucher code to get the discounted rooms. If you can’t call them directly or run into any problems, contact us at and we’ll get you sorted. The voucher code will be available when convention registration opens.
Room prices: Single 720 kr (€78). Double 950 kr (€103). Triple 1150 kr (€125). All prices per night.
Travel: The easiest way for international travelers to reach Gothenburg is flying to GOT Landvetter Airport. From there it's a short cab or bus ride to Gothenburg city centre or we can arrange a pick-up. It's also possible to fly to Copenhagen Airport in Denmark about 300km away and travel from there. From Denmark and Norway you can also reach Gothenburg by train or by ferry. Contact us if you need any assistance.

Nordic Championship Final: This year the Sunday masters we will no longer have qualifying tournaments prior to the event. Instead there will be 15 spots available for those attending the con, plus 1 reserved for David Ekelöw, the reigning Nordic Champion.

Scheduled tournaments:
  • Champions 50p, 2 lists. Friday (32 players, 3 championship spots)
  • Steamroller 50p, 1-2 lists. Friday (32 players, 3 championship spots)
  • Hardcore 50p, 1 list. Friday (32 players, 2 championship spots)
  • Iron Gauntlet Qualifier 50p, 3 lists. Saturday (64 players, 4 championship spots)
  • Steamroller with ADR 35p, 2 lists. Saturday (32 players, 3 championship spots)
  • Nordic Championship Final, Masters, 50p, 2 lists. Sunday (16 qualified players)
  • Steamroller 50p, 1-2 lists. Sunday (16 players, multiple tournaments if needed)
There will also be other events and tournaments available. These will be announced later.

Vendors: There will be vendors available, more information on that later. If you are a vendor and you want to attend, please contact us on

Other: Like last year we will have live streaming of the games and there will be a bar right next to the gaming area.

Welcome to the biggest and best Iron Moot yet!
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