Trade: CIrcle->khador/ret

-Gör en bra deal!
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Trade: CIrcle->khador/ret

Post by Mikastan » 03 Sep 2018, 11:22

I have:

Baldur1, metal, painted,
Baldur2, metal painted,
Bradigus, metal, basecoat,
Grayle, metal, p not finished,
Kromac1, metal, not p,
Kaya1, metal, painted,
Kaya2 & Laris,metal,painted
Krueger2, metal, painted,
Mohsar, metal, painted,
Una2, metal, painted,
Wurmwood & Cassius, metal, not painted,
3x heavy warpwolf kit, plastic, almost painted,
Gnarlhorn Satyr, old metal, painted, ???
Gorax Rager, plastic, painted,
Loki, plastic & metal, painted,
Megalith, old metal, painted,
Pureblood Warpwolf, plastic, painted,
2x scarsfell griffon, plastic, almost painted,
Shadowhorn satyr, metal, painted, ???
Winter Argus, plastic, painted,
Wold Guardian, metal, painted,
2x Woldwatcher, metal, painted,
2x blackclad wayfarer, metal, painted,
2x gallows grove, plastic, painted,
Lord of the feast, metal, almost painted,
3x warwolf, metal, painted,
2x druids of orboros, metal, painted,
2x sentry stones & mannikins, metal, painted,
2x shifting stones, metal, painted,
2x stoneward & woldstalkers, metal, painted,
2x tharn bloodweavers, metal, blisters,
Tharn wolf riders min, metal, in the box, ???Attachments:
Druids of orboros overseer, metal, painted,
Druid wilder, metal, painted,
Stone keeper, metal painted,
+1 Woldguardian
3 woldwatcher
2 wights
2 Woldwarden
1 celestial fulcrum
1 Woldwrat
2x woldwryd

Trading to khador/ret army.

Loc: Finland!
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